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March 2017

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Oak Meadow Science Fair

Fifth graders James Kolak of Groton (on the left) and Dylan Hart of Chelmsford. James experimented with applying different amounts of force to a wheel to determine the effect on the amount of torque in his project, “The Fulcrum of Our Society.” Dylan tested the effect that different amounts of baking soda had on the height and weight of cupcakes in his project, “Baking Baking Soda.”

Peter Bogosian of Groton, an eighth grader, presented his project “What Motivates People?” at Oak Meadow School’s recent Science Fair. Peter hypothesized that incentives produce greater effort and performance from children than disincentives. He tested his theory with a classroom of second graders playing a game. One group was offered a reward at the end if they did well. A second group had a reward taken away from them at the end if they did poorly. Peter determined that the effect of the incentive was more individual than global. 

Oak Meadow School’s recent Science Fair projects ranged from torque to cupcakes to child psychology as students asked questions, posited theories, and tested them against evidence they collected.


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