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EDITORIAL: Small Towns & Big Dreams

"The best things around I have ever seen, came from small towns and big dreams" . . . Paul Brandt, Canadian country singer/songwriter.
     Groton Electric Light Department, Groton Department of Public Works, Groton Police and Fire demonstrated their courage, professionalism and dedication as hurricane-force winds ravaged our town last Friday night, showing just how fortunate Groton is to have this corps of professionals working for and watching out for our town. They were able to put the town back together remarkably quickly. Their fortitude and selfless service to others is an example for us all, of how to live a life.
     But their ability to be so effective is not based simply on single acts of selfless determination and endurance, but is founded on the discipline of long-term training, planning and skills development. In the case of GELD, among other things, their obsession with keeping electric lines clear of tree limbs and overgrowth goes on year-round and pays huge dividends when confronting a storm like Friday night’s. The fact that GELD Manager Kevin Kelly manned the phones throughout the crisis and delivered meals to the linemen is another example of leadership in action.
     As government at all levels is attacked for being out of touch with the people it serves, we are having the opposite experience. We here in Groton are proud that our vibrant, local form of self-government supports and defends our public-minded professional public safety men and women and Groton Electric Light Department employees to perform at such high levels of competence and effectiveness.
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