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EDITORIAL: There is no "I" in 'Team"

Groton Police Detective Pat Timmins and the entire GrotonPolice Department deserve our thanks for their tenacity, creativity and collaboration with other Massachusetts law enforcement units leading to the arrest of a man who [allegedly] tried to lure a young Groton girl into his car at Duck Pond, a man with an alleged violent criminal past, a man wanted by United States Marshalls for violating probation from a previous conviction. [See front-page story in last week’s Groton Herald]
     In addition to exemplary police work, the young teenage girl involved in the incident deserves plaudits for her coolness and presence of mind to accurately describe her interaction with the suspect at Duck Pond so police had the information to follow up, investigate and, ultimately, make an arrest.
     Detective Timmins does not work in isolation. He is a member of the Groton Police Department. The fact that he was motivated to doggedly investigate the ‘thin thread’ of an incident at Duck Pond is a sign that he works for a department with an enviornment that motivates its officers to do their best work. Doing one’s best, tapping into the full depth of one’s professional knowledge and training, requires confidence in your organization, your fellow team members, and ultimately in your leader.
     In our view, this investigation and arrest is one more sign that Groton Police Chief Luth is providing the leadership needed to give the whole department the confidence to do their best for Groton.
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