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Motif# 2 [Hollis Street looking onto Gibbet Hill] - Photo by Steve Lieman


In the 1700s there were two efforts to forge a new county from northern sections of Worcester and Middlesex counties with Groton being the capital city or county seat of this proposed county. There were many good and practical arguments for creating a new county at that time [and there still are], but it never happened. Groton would surely be a very differnt place today, looking more like Worcester than the small town we love. The map above is an approximation of where the borders would have been, for this hypothetical county which we have chosen to name Groton County. Since the second proposal of 1764, the borders and the names of many of the towns proposed for the county have changed so much that this map can only be an approximation of this imaginary Groton County.


by Joshua Vollmar   While the fact is often overlooked, Groton was a significantly more important town in centuries past than it is today; two petitions from the Colonial period, about 30 years apart, offer a unique lens onto the town’s importance at the time. Both petitions called for...

Winter fingernail moon graces Gibbet Hill. Photo by Steve Lieman


by Don Layton, Harvard Center for Housing Studies. Mr. Layton was the CEO of Freddie Mac from May 2012 until June 2019.   This past December 23, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that, despite the severe pandemic-induced economic downturn, its index of house prices had...

Bobcat [Lynx Rufus] November 8, 2020 in Groton by Tom Murray.


Posing on Gibbet Hill for a family selfie. Photo by Steve Lieman


Santa made the rounds throughout Groton this year, ensuring good behavior of children, and good fire safety practices for adults. Photo courtesy Groton Fire Department



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