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‘OML OMG’ or ‘Free At Last’

I have read your article on the Open Meeting Law.  When I was a Select Board member some years ago I attended an Open Meeting Law training session.   The session was 2 hours long.  Most of the training material included detailing the mistakes Towns have made in implementing the Law.   In the question and answer period, a number of questions were raised.   Almost all the answers provided by our expert started with “It depends”.  
   I honestly did not know on some occasions whether or not I had observed or violated the Law.  For example, one question that was never cleared up – could I have responded to public email (like the listserv) when other Board members saw it?   Did I know?   How could I know?  Did they read it and not respond? In order to be safe, I decided that I would not talk to any other Select Board member about anything remotely relevant to Town business, even if we meet casually.  Ditto to emails.  No more.
   It’s a great relief that I am no longer a Board member, as now I can speak freely to others in Groton.  I do not completely understand the proposed changes to the Law, but I sincerely hope that some changes will be made so that the intent and purpose of the Law is made more clearly and unambiguously to those of us outside of Boston.
Stuart Schulman
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