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A Classic Example of Yankee Ingenuity & Stinginess

Dear Editor,

   Question 1 at this years Town Election asks voters to exclude the debt approved at Town Meeting for the renovation and reconstruction of the DPW facility next to the transfer station.  It is always difficult to ask tax payers to take on more debt and the analysis is rightfully one of what is necessary versus what we can do without.  And townspeople who are familiar with what we have come to expect from our public works department will agree that this project is necessary.  

   With very little fanfare our DPW does incredible work in facilitating the operations of the town in a frugal and cost effective manner.  What folks may think of first is the job they do clearing our roads in the winter and Groton’s reputation for having the best maintained roads in the area is well known to most.  But the way in which they accomplish that feat along with the other public work’s functions is what sets them apart from other towns.  

    They constantly pursue the most cost effective solution to the task at hand by making use of what they have or by repurposing equipment to get the job done instead of looking for something new.  It’s the classic example of Yankee ingenuity and stinginess which is too often missing in municipal operations.  

   However, the facility where the majority of this work takes place is outdated, lacks adequate space and more importantly is not a healthy work environment for the crew that works there.  The facility is non-compliant with many federal and state workplace health regulations.  This fact alone exposes the town to the risk of being found operating an unsafe workplace and the related consequences which could prove costly.  

  But more importantly it’s a statement by us as townspeople for the regard in which we hold our DPW.  While they function in the background and the job they do we so often take for granted, they are one of the most essential town departments and worthy of our support.  Please vote Yes on Question 1.


Peter S. Cunningham

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