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Don’t Fall Prey to Specious Arguments of A Corporate Culture

We write in opposition to the “End of Life Options Act, H1926/S1208.  

   Much has been said in opposition to Legislation that would facilitate euthanasia:  palliative care reduces the suffering sometimes associated with dying; suicide leaves the survivors with lifelong burdens such as guilt, unreconciled relationships, unshared love; with the suicide rate of our youth climbing, legislating the right to commit suicide leaves nothing left to say to our teenagers at times when they need words of encouragement, words of hope.

   What is often left unsaid is that this legislation strips bare those vulnerable members of society at a time when they most need our protection. Elderly parents who need care often find themselves preyed upon by family anxious to end the burden and split the inheritance. Ailing family members, deeply depressed may feel that they are simply a burden, rather than a blessing, and succumb to the “lethal ministrations of a culture of death”, witness the Oregon woman who was refused  medication by her Health Insurance provider, but was offered less expensive life ending medication instead.

   As a society we can do better, we are made to care for life, to care for our neighbors. Don’t fall prey to the specious arguments of a Corporate Culture that would elevate the love of things over the love of people. Encourage your legislators to vote against this bill.

Pete and Therese Braudis

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