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FDR and Obama, Chapter IV

Dear Editor:

Some years ago, I was starting a new career in sales. I attended a sales seminar hosted by an unctuous fellow whom I suspected was a used car salesman who had taken up the sales seminar business in order to make a few bucks on the side. Near the end of his presentation, he announced that he was now going to give us the "magic words" to close a sale. He said that you give your sales presentation, and when you are all done, you say to the prospective client, "That's fair enough, isn't it?" Then you sit back and don't say a word. He said that the first person to speak loses.

I confess that I used that technique and was amazed at how often it worked. It works because if the prospective client says no, he or she is calling you unfair, and that is something that polite people viscerally do not want to do to someone that they have usually just met.

When my daughters were children, I recall observing playtime conflicts. The usual complaint was, "She is being mean," or "she's not being fair."

Welcome to the lexicon of liberal democrats. In last week's Groton Herald, Emil Rechsteiner responded to my response to his original letter as "mean-spirited." (Chuck Schumer, NY Democrat, aka "Client #9", was caught on camera a couple of years ago saying that when he responded to any conservative or conservative initiative, he liked to use the word "extreme").

I do not think that my response was mean-spirited. I merely pointed out some facts that were in opposition to Mr. R's as stated in his letter. And now, as un-mean-spiritedly as I am able, I will speak to Mr. R's response to my response.

Mr. R says that I classified FDR as one of the first social (read socialist) presidents. Yes, I did, and I stand by that statement.

Mr. R says that I describe BHO as our disaster of a president. Yes, I did, and here are just a few reasons why: Since taking office, 9,500,000 Americans have dropped out of the workforce, 15,000,000 Americans have been added to the Food Stamp Program, $6,000,000,000 plus (and rising by the second) added to the National debt, the price of gasoline doubled, Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute Black Panthers caught on camera committing voter intimidation, Fast and Furious, Eric Holder refusing to give a congressional committee background information on Fast Furious, using the IRS as his personal Gestapo to intimidate and hassle conservatives and conservative groups, NSA secretly spying on members of the media, the Ben Ghazi cover-up, Solyndra, phony economic recovery programs, "shovel-ready" jobs that weren't so "shovel ready", the war on coal, refusal to sign onto the Keystone pipeline and last week, both BHO and Jay Carney referring to "phony scandals" (which one of these is phony Mr. President?) etc., etc.

Mr. R then says that I present data claiming that the earth's temperature is actually going down. Mr. R, there has been no rise in the mean temperature of the planet in 15 years, and in fact, it has dropped a tiny bit, but it has dropped nonetheless.

Mr. R then proceeds to regurgitate some of Al Gore's Greatest Hits in an effort to rebuff my facts. Mr. R, we all know that the glaciers are retreating, etc. You will note that my first bullet-point was "the mean temperature of the planet has been rising for about 11,000 years, or since the last Ice Age.

As for the oceans rising and those poor people living on equatorial islands and Miami Beach, c'mon man. Most scientists estimate that the oceans have risen four to eight inches in the last 100 years. These figures wee hard to come by until we had satellites, and there are other factors in play here; coastal erosion, continental drift, and the fact that as things get warmer (i9ncluding sea water) they expand. Groton was in fact once under the Atlantic Ocean. Like the global temperature, ocean depths are constantly in flux.

Mr. R then objects to my stating that liberalism is a mental disorder. In my response to Mr. R's letter, I enumerated over a half dozen liberal democrat social programs that have been dismal failures and even challenged him to name one single liberal social program that has worked. Mr. R's response was "liberals see things differently and that some of his best friends are conservatives."

I had to chuckle at Mr. R's description of liberals belief that everyone is equal before the law. Apparently that view doesn't include tax law, as the democrats want to put you in a special higher tax bracket the more successful you are. (It is, of course, only their "fair" share.) That, and the democrats constant class warfare tactics (economic, racial, gender, sexual preference, etc.) make that statement laughable. (Oops am I being "mean-spirited" here?)

In closing, I look forward to reading "ECCORNUCOPIA". My guess is that at that time, we will get to continue our public discourse.

Also, in closing, many economists are now in agreement that FDR's programs during the '30s actually slowed down our recovery from the Great Depression. It was indeed WWII that got us out of that mess.

Michael J. Cahill

Whiley Road

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