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I Fell In Love With This Little Fixer-Upper In Town

I fell in love with a little fixerupper in town and bought it at the end of last summer. The planning of renovations started immediately, although I have no rush or timeline to get them completed. My future kitchen / dining room space is currently acting as the tool shed--holding everything from the table saw to the nail gun to the toolbox full of tools I once used as an aircraft mechanic.
     These tools and equipment will move from room to room, until I need to find a permanent space for them--like building a tool shed in the backyard, or maybe, once I tackle the water situation in the basement, they can be stored there. But there is not one option I can think of that I resonate with. This is because no matter where the tools go, they will sit... collecting dust (and maybe rust)... possibly never to be used again--like that rivet gun I haven't used since 2011. I never enjoyed sheet metal work to begin why have I held on to this, and most of the other items that I may only use occasionally or never again? This seems ludicrous.
     I could sell them and just rent, borrow, or find a used one to buy (and then sell after use) as I slowly renovate my house or fix my vehicle. Or I could make a proposition that more closely aligns with my values and see if others may be interested.
Is there anyone who would find value in a tool lending library? I would happily donate what I have. And if so, would the Library, who has more experience with lending/ sharing than anyone I can think of, be willing to help?
Chels LaRese
Willowdale Road
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