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I Was A Bit Bothered By The Suggestion

Dear Editor:

   Regarding an endorsement letter for a particular Select Board candidate, I was a bit bothered by the suggestion that "to accept the consensus of the group even if it is contrary to your own view" is a desirable quality.
   If what is meant is simply accepting a vote of the board as literally the decision of the board, well of course.  Why did that need to be said?

   However, I want Select Board members who have reasons for taking a position, who can articulate them, and who do not simply abandon their understanding and their reasoning if the vote doesn't go their way. Of course they must accept the vote as the decision of the board, but that is different than concluding that their reasoning was wrong or abandoning an idea. And I see nothing wrong, and potentially a lot that is right, for a member to continue advocacy for what was at one point a minority opinion. That is really the only way things improve.

Robert Fleischer

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