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LETTER: ‘Sham’ or ‘Incomplete’ Which Is It?

Dear Editor:

   Merriam Webster’s Dictionary definition of the following words;

  Sham - not genuine: false, feigned, having such poor quality as to seem false, incomplete - unfinished, not complete.

   Two words not having the same meaning.

   The word ‘Sham’ was used at the Select Board meeting to describe the Town Manager’s evaluation summary implying all of Mr. Pease time and hard work was not genuine, false, feigned, having such poor quality as to seem false???

   Another apology falling on deaf ears.  Giving an apology to me, means you will not repeat the same behavior.  There have been three apologies given in a short period of time.

Once again the word ‘Sham’ is out for all the voters of Groton to hear.  Correction was “incomplete”. Which is it?? Sham or Incomplete?

   There are two agendas now 1: Prescott  2: disparaging the Town Manager and also Mr. Pease.

   Unconscionable, Ms. Pine.  This seems to be a deliberate repetitive act.

Joann Schorn

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