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LETTER: No ‘Sour Grapes’ Here

Dear Editor,

   I stand behind my letter in last week’s Herald (May 3, 2019) describing my attempts to arrange for Republican co-sponsoring of Candidates Night. To answer the Herald’s editorial comment above my letter, yes, I do feel that the Groton Democratic Town Committee was being small-spirited in refusing to co-sponsor with Republicans even though we were not presently organized as a Town Committee. Others have accused me of “sour grapes.” Actually, no. I really don’t care all that much one way or the other; the Democrats are free to do whatever they feel is right, or in their interest. Fair enough, and no hard feelings, and the grapes are very sweet, thank you very much.

   Regarding Alex Woodle’s letter, most of it isn’t worth an answer, but I would point out that the Trash-to-Energy incinerator in Haverhill (and many others throughout the nation and the world) have filters and scrubbers to make sure that particulate matter (and other nasties) don’t get emitted to the air we breathe.’ I don’t mind honest attacks, but it would be nice if the attackers got their facts straight. That’s part of what “common sense” is about operating on facts, not emotions.

   I hope that you will support me for Select Board, and I’ll also put in a plug for another candidate: John Reilly. Between the two of us, there will be a strong voice for fact-based, un-emotional Town government in Groton.

Sincerely yours,

Brooks Lyman

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