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LETTER: We Need A Proactive, Productive & Accomplished Selectperson

Yes Groton residents—we do have a choice. Our choice is to choose a Selectperson who has repeatedly proven himself to be an open minded steward of the well being of Groton in its entirety—rather than a candidate who is openly singularly agenda driven.
     A proactive, productive, and accomplished Selectperson is one who has demonstrated an ability to be open minded in deliberations with fellow Selectpersons and constituents—regardless of the issues. Peter Cunningham, a man with whom I have worked for over 20 years in many and various levels of town-wide matters, has always—and I repeat—always listened and has carefully analyzed the issues before reaching a decision.
     Testimony to his years of careful and thoughtful support for the betterment of Groton—we need to look no further than the many jewels in our wonderful Town—to name a few: Surrenden Farms, expanded development of the Nashua River Trail though his tireless efforts to lobby and ultimately convince the MA DEM to expand the trail permits, and the chairing or co-chairing of several major building projects.
     I would be remiss if I did not include his major role in working collaboratively with Capstone Construction in the successful transformation of the old Leatherboard mill into what is now known as RiverCourt. The town had acquired the mill for back taxes and was stuck with a huge liability for the potential environmental remediation and then demolition of the building.             Peter was instrumental in the town’s receiving a TIF agreement with Capstone that deferred immediate tax impact.
     This approval further impacted the well being of Groton by allowing Groton to become part of the Devens ETA (economic target area - federal program to help offset economic impact of Ft. Devens closure).
     In the next few years, Groton will be faced with extraordinary challenges involving financial matters and long range strategic planning matters (many similar to his already accomplishments). These issues will require someone who gives all matters his commitment to a sense of fair play and careful and responsible management for the good of all Groton residents.
     Please consider electing Peter Cunningham as your write in candidate.
Mihran Keoseian
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