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LETTER: Welcome & Courtesy Is How We Should Greet & Live With New Neighbors

I’m writing to wholeheartedly support the statement written by Josh Degen and adopted by the Select Board regarding hate related incidents in Groton. This sort of behavior turns my stomach and strikes me as particularly un-American.
     Being the sort of pedant that I am, I would offer one comment on his statement: we are ALL immigrants, “native” Americans as well. The only difference is that they got here much earlier, crossing the Bering Strait land bridge 10,000 years ago when the sea level was 200 feet lower and the land was exposed from Asia to Alaska. I believe they too were in search of a better life. I much prefer the Canadian term First Nations as I believe it more accurately conveys the truth of our indigenous peoples. Since we are all immigrants, we should treat each other with the welcome and courtesy that is the best American tradition of how we greet and live with our new neighbors.
Eric S. Fisher
Old Ayer Road
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