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LETTER: Why I Marched For Black Lives Matter Last Sunday

Dear Groton Police,
I marched for Black Lives Matter on Sunday but I did not march against the Groton Police Department. You have my deepest respect and gratitude. I did not march against every police officer in the United States. I marched against the systematic destruction of justice for black people.
     The magnitude of instances of black people being targeted and killed for their skin tears my heart. But it is not just the police at fault. It is politicians who ensure that black neighborhoods do not get funding for schools, social or medical services. It is employers who do not hire or if they do hire, do not promote equally.
     It is stores who follow black people because they are automatically suspected of stealing. It is judges who send a largely disproportionate proportion of black people to prison and for longer sentences than white people. It is abuse by the powerful. Hatred of black people is endemic in this country.
     I did not march against the Groton Police, or all police. I marched against hatred in America. I marched against those who act on it, who support it and who turn their eyes away. I am working to stop that and know that you are as well. Let us go forward together with liberty and justice for ALL Americans.
Donna Nowak,
Pepperell Road
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