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No More Public Access to Brooks Orchard/Chestnut Hills

Location of Brooks Orchard in Groton.

[Ed Note: The following letter was sent to active supporters and users of the Groton Trails Network. We include it here for others who might have missed the announcement.]
Dear Friends of Trails, NDO,
     As of this Saturday, September 14, the new owners of Brooks Orchard/Chestnut Hills, John and Kara Guinee, have informed us that they will not allow any public access to their 191-acre property. They intend to build their family house on the property.
     Their property, parcel 232-30 on the Groton website’s GIS map, includes the top of Chestnut Hill (water tank area), the woods between Martins Pond and the driveway to Orchard Ln., the farmland on the two drumlins, the pond, and the trail to the east that runs from Groton Hills along the stream then up the back side of the drumlin closest to Orchard Ln.
     They have also stated specifically that they will prohibit hunting on their property.
     We have benefitted for many years from the generosity of Mr. Steve Webber and his family in being able to access this property and we are extremely grateful for their strong community spirit that has allowed us to enjoy this beautiful place in the heart of both Groton and our Trails Network for so many years.
     It is near the center of our rare “Swarm of Drumlins”, it contains the highest point in Groton, Chestnut Hill at 516 feet, and it is home to a highly diverse group of animals including many endangered species.
     It is a very special place, and we will sorely miss visiting it. Again, a huge thank you to the Webbers for enriching our lives with their generosity these many years.
Happy Trails,
Paul Funch
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