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Obama = F.D.R. II

Dear Editor:

In last week's Groton Herald, Emil Rechsteiner paired our current disaster of a president and FDR in an attempt to demonstrate their shared courage in overcoming governmental paralysis in order to solve the great problems of their times. Perhaps he is alluding to FDR's attempt to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court so that he could then pack the Court with more liberals in order to help him get away with further undermining our Constitution.

FDR was the second great social (read socialist) president, Woodrow Wilson being the first. Liberalism is a mental disorder. All liberal programs ultimately fail, no matter that their intentions might be warm and fuzzy. I say might because liberals really don't care to solve any problems. All they really care about is growing the governmental Frankenstein Monster (read bureaucracy), moving the country further towards socialism, and thereby ensuring more votes for themselves.

Can anyone think of ONE liberal socialist program that has ever worked? FDR is probably most remembered for Social Security. When is the last time you can NOT remember any democrat running for office whose campaign did not include "I will fix Social Security" or "those rascally republicans want to take away grandma's Social Security?" (BTW, latest figures predict that Social Security, as now configured, will run out of money in 2033.) (Also, in 1967, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid comprised 16 percent of the national budget. This year it is about 43 percent!)

If the socialist democrats actually fixed anything, they would lose their voter base and campaign issues. So, the reality is that they want to "appear" to solve problems, while all they really want to do is raise taxes and grow government, which is what they wanted to accomplish in the first place.

Remember LBJ's War on Poverty? Well, poverty won. Remember Carter and Clinton's American Dream initiative, that every American should own their own home? Well, thanks to Barney Frank and the liberals in Congress, that begat the present Fannie-Freddy housing crisis. Obamacare is poised to move six percent of our total economy under the control of liberals in government and enforced by the IRS. The same people who now run the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Post Office will be in charge of our healthcare. What could possibly go wrong with that?! Be proud democrats.

One thing I will say in FDR's favor is that he at least had the good sense not to allow government employees to unionize. JFK gave us that. And then, Teddy and Robert Kennedy gave us The Immigration Reform Act. That has really worked out well for us, hasn't it?!

Our national debt is $17 trillion and rising by the second. Our unfunded liabilities are somewhere around $90 trillion. Let's see if I can put that in perspective.

Let's say that you are immortal and that you are present at the first Christmas, say 12/25/00 or so, and on that day, I give you one million dollars. And, each and every day thereafter I give you one million dollars, for 20 centuries, 12 years, and 207 or so days. Do you have any idea how much money I have given you? The answer is ¾ of ONE trillion dollars. Think about that. There is not enough money on the entire planet to cover our present debt.

But, I digress. Mr. Rechsteiner's letter addresses Climate Change (nee Global Warming). Mr. Rechsteiner, the government always needs a crisis in order to promote their agendas. For most of us since the end of WWII, it was the Cold War. Since 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, it has become Climate Change. Please be aware of the following:

The earth has been warming for 11,000 years or so, since the last Ice Age.

There has been no increase in global temperature for 15 years (in fact the global temperature has actually gone down a tad.)

The earth's oceans have not risen one inch (Miami Beach is safe, the global tree-huggers dire predictions notwithstanding).

It has been revealed that scientists in England falsified data in order to "prove" Global Warming.

Global Warming has become religion-like to its adherents (the scientific facts notwithstanding) with that great American, Al Gore as Pope.

Mark Twain once said, "Give me enough numbers, and I will prove to you that there is no winter."

Suggested reading for anyone who is not convinced: "State of Fear" by Michael Creighton and "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen.

Michael J. Cahill

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