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A Racial Slur On the Boys’ Bathroom Wall

I heard from a close friend that there was an incident at our Middle School, before the schools closed from the coronavirus pandemic. A racial slur was written on the boys’ bathroom wall. The name of a student, a young man of color, was there. T The worst racial insult in the English language was next to his name.
     With the terrible things we have witnessed as a country recently, ever more deaths of African Americans while in police custody, we need to take a hard look at how to better educate ourselves and our children, the future of America. While school staff are likely handling this incident as they see fit, the greater responsibility lies with us to teach our children in the home... of course not to commit racist acts, but just as importantly to speak up when they see friends lean in that direction.
     I see signs at the entry of our town that All Are Welcome, and yards signs that say Hate Has No Home Here. My family has lived here for 27 years, and I know Groton is full of good-hearted people. The young person who wrote the slur may have shown bad judgment simply due to their immaturity. But I know we can be better than this.
     As the good book says, “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly”.
Anne Riemer
Hoyts Wharf Road
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