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Like Sending A Kid With A BB Gun To Take On The Russian Army

I’m glad to see some discussion taking place about domestic violence response in the wake of the recent tragedy in Groton. (See front page story, Groton Herald, Dec. 6, 2019)
     This incident happened in the space where the opioid crisis, domestic violence response and the state’s mental health policies meet. Unfortunately I’ve bumped up against all three of these issues in my own life, and as an outsider trying to influence the policy debate at the State House.
     Where it gets a little tricky, and where people really think you’re crazy for mentioning it, is all three of these areas are so rife with corruption, misinformation, and special interest group meddling that it is virtually impossible to have any sane policy responses to the problems.
     Massachusetts has a long history of double dealing, callous disregard for individual rights, and profiteering from other’s misery ranging from Bridgewater State Hospital to the Fells Acre day care scandal to the pedophile priest scandal through current day corruption in drug treatment and a broken domestic violence policy caused by years of abuse by corrupt industry groups.
     Beyond that, sending in a part- time MSW with a clipboard to check on families dealing with psychotic heroin addicts, delusional alcoholics and angry spouses with instructions on how to get a leg up in an upcoming divorce, or combinations of all three at the same time, is like sending a kid with a BB gun to take on the Russian Army, Good luck, but even if it is a baby step in the right direction, it most certainly, in my opinion, is not going to work.
Peter Van Oudenaren
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