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The Short-Term Easy Way Out Is A Long-Term Disaster

I am writing to object to the subtext of a message on my current light bill, discussing the reinstatement of the Power Cost Adjustment. I understand the rationale for this adjustment and have no objection to it. However, reading the message, I detect a subtle plug for the myriad pressures being applied to New England in favor of new high-pressure gas pipelines into our area, which I vigorously oppose.
     As many of us know, any high-pressure pipeline has as its main objective supplying New England ports with LNG fracked gas from the Midwest for export to Europe and better supplies to New England are just a minor side benefit. There is no benefit that can justify the ecological devastation in New England that would be wrought by such pipelines, not to mention the added carbon load on the climate, and land and water pollution in the source areas from the extraction process.
     There is only one long-term solution: renewable energy. I congratulate GELD for making a great start with the solar farm at the transfer station and encourage them to continue to select and fund renewable energy sources. The short-term easy way out is a long-term disaster. It is a difficult transition, I know, but absolutely necessary to save the planet.
Eric S. Fisher
Old Ayer Road
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