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State House News Deserves Regular Coverage in Herald

I was pleased to see two articles on activity in the state legislature in the October 4 issue. I wish the Herald would have a regular column on State House activity. This issue had many articles I wanted to read, but that isn't always the case. News from the State House always interests me.
     Please keep us updated regularly on the development of the Ayer railroad station. There are lots of commuters in Groton who would appreciate this.
Judy Adams
Old Ayer Road
[Ed. Note: Although the Herald does not have a weekly column of Beacon Hill goings-on, we subscribe to the Beacon Hill Roll Call Media Ser- vice which supplies in-depth stories on State House activities including legislative bills and news not usually covered by state-wide media.
The Herald carefully reviews this State House news "feed" for stories that are not covered state-wide, but are of interest to our readers. For example, we often include how our State Representative and State Senator vote on bills as well as bills with potential local impact. In addtion, we have a great relationship with the service’s owner, Bob Katzen. Bob has occassionally done addtional research into related stories published in the Herald, thus giving readers insight found no where else. You will find the articles under our loGO: "EYES & EARS Up On Beacon Hill"]
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