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Groton Police Log Week of June 1 2020

Groton Police answered 778 calls for service during the week of June 1st. There were 4 car crashes this week, all were single car crashes. Officers investigated 3 motor vehicle complaints, and 10 recreational vehicle complaints. Three parking tickets were issued and 24 vehicles were stopped for varying motor vehicle offenses. Emergency responders received 10 medical calls, with 4 people requiring an ambulance transport to the hospital, 2 calls were for lift assists, and 4 patients refused any further medical treatment.
The following is a summary of some of these calls.
A Sober Friend
     Monday June 1 At 5:42 PM, we received a call for a man who was leaving Bancroft Castle and appeared to be intoxicated; the caller was concerned the man was going to drive away drunk. Upon officers’ arrival, they found the car still parked but no one was around. Officers were able to locate the man at the top of Gibbet Hill with a family member; both parties were very intoxicated. Both men were picked up by a sober friend.
Lost In The Woods
     Tuesday June 2 At 1:05 PM, dispatch receives a call from Shirley PD. A hiker called because they were lost in the woods near the Squanacook River. They had gone swimming on the Shirley side and exited the river on the Groton side. Parties
were transported back to the trailhead in Shirley.
"Only A Sign"
     Thursday June 4 At 12:47 AM,officers receive a call of a vehicle crashing and knocking down a street sign. The car continued on, leaving the scene. When officers arrived at the scene, they were able to locate the license plate; the car was located by Dunstable Police Department on Groton St. The operator didn’t realize they needed to report the damage because it was “only a sign". Driver received a citation for leaving the scene of property damage.
Weed-Whacking Across The Line
     Friday June 5 At 3:45 PM, officers were dispatched for a property-line dispute. The caller stated that their neighbor was weed- whacking and removing yard debris from the caller’s side of the property line. The neighbor stated they planned on getting the property line surveyed, since both felt that the property being cleaned up was theirs. Officers advised to wait to complete yard clean-up until there was a better understanding of whose property it really was to avoid further conflict.
Having A Bad Day
     Saturday June 6 At 7:21 AM, dispatch received a phone call for a welfare check. The caller was concerned about a male party that was sitting on a rock wall and appeared to be having a bad day. Officers spoke with the gentlemen who was waiting to be picked up by a friend.
Where’s My Mom?
     Sunday June 7 At 4:27 PM, an officer was assisting with the demonstration at the middle school when an 11-year-old boy came up to the officer and told them he couldn’t find his mother. The officer walked the route with the child to look for his mother. The child was reunited with his mother at the end of the demonstration.
Just Going On My Daily Walk
     Friday June 12 At 4:09 PM, officers are dispatched to a neighborhood because the caller thought they saw an unfamiliar male party walking. They felt as though the male may be soliciting door to door. The officers were able to locate the male party; he lives in the neighborhood and was going on his daily walk.
Time to Sober Up
     Saturday June 13 At 10:57 PM, a citizen called 911; they were driving a friend who was intoxicated home, and he was being agitated on the car ride because the driver wouldn’t let him smoke in the car. Officers made contact with the caller, who stated they didn’t want to drive their friend home anymore due to their being too intoxicated. The party was placed into protective custody until they sobered up.
Drone Patrol Paranoia?
     Sunday June 14 At 1:44 PM, a resident called and spoke with dispatch about a drone flying over their back yard. The caller stated that the drone came up over the tree line, hovered over the yard for about a minute and then took off back where it came from. The caller did not wish to speak with an officer but wanted to let the police department know.
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