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Groton Police Log September 13 - 19 & Sept 21 - 27


Police Log: Deptember 13-19, 2020 
During the week of September 13, officers investigated 18 accidental 9-1-1 calls, 9 motor vehicle complaints, and 9 cases of fraudulent activity (i.e. social security fraud or unemployment fraud). There were multiple bear sightings throughout the week. These sightings occured all over Groton. We would like to remind residents to remove all sources of food from your yards to discourage bears from stealing easy sources of food.
     • September 13
At 10:40 AM, dispatch received a phone call regarding suspicious persons at Groton Place. The caller saw several individuals who had pitched tents and had slept overnight in Groton Place. The officer was able to locate the individuals who had set up hammocks, not tents. The individuals had arrived at 6:30 AM to watch the sun rise and were enjoying the outdoors. They planned on leaving sometime around noon.
     • September 15, 2020
At 1:37 PM, dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from a citizen who was attempting to contact a company to place an order. They had meant to dial 4-1-1 and inadvertently dialed 9-1-1. Officers were able confirm the accidental 9-1-1 call.
     • September 16, 2020
At 6:34 PM, dispatch received a call from a citizen reporting that youth appeared to be doing “burnouts” in the parking lot of Cutler Field. Officers went to investigate; all parties were gone on arrival.
     • September 17, 2020
At 6:25 PM, officers were dispatched to a residence for vandalism that occurred a few days ago. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a number of residents who live in the area, all of which reported their homes had been egged at some point over the last few weeks. One resident heard the egg hit the house and thought it was around 2:30 AM the night before. Another resident also had their house egged at around 2:30 AM, but the week before. If anyone has any information or witnessed similar incidents during the first two weeks of September, please contact Sgt. Henehan.
September 18, 2020
     At 7:30 PM, dispatch received a phone call from a resident who requested to speak with an officer about their teenager. The parent asked the officer to go and pick up their 17-year-old; the teenager went out downtown with friends after the parent told them no. Officers gave the parent advice on some steps they could take about their child not following home rules.
     • September 19, 2020
At 1:07 AM, officers were checking on a business when they observed someone sitting in the parking lot with their vehicle idling. The officer began to check on the operator they noticed that they appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The officer also located a number of empty nip bottles in the center console, more empty nip bottles on the floor of the car, and a few empty cans of hard seltzer behind the driver’s seat. After further investigation, the officer determined that the operator had been operating under the influence of alcohol. The operator was arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Liquor. They were arraigned at Ayer District Court for these charges.
Police Log: September 21–27
During the week of September 21, the police department investigated 8 motor vehicle complaints, 10 instances of identity theft, and 17 abandoned 9-1-1 calls, all of which were accidental. There were 5 motor vehicle crashes, no one was seriously injured. Officers also assisted 2 citizens in getting back in their vehicles after locking their keys in the car. Emergency personnel responded to 15 medical calls; 4 patients refused to go to the hospital after being checked out by EMT’s.
     • September 21, 2020
At 2:57 PM, both police and fire responded to a structure fire; the shed next to the home was actively burning and the homeowner could not put it out. Upon arrival, the fire was mostly knocked down; GFD was able to extinguish the fire completely.
     • September 22, 2020
At 3:37 PM, a resident called about a bear in their yard; they requested advice on what they should do. We have seen an increase in bear sightings in recent weeks. We would like to remind residents to remove all food sources, including all bird feeders, from their yards until after the bears go into hibernation. (See accompanying infographic from Mass Wildlife.)
     • September 23, 2020
At 3:30 PM, all units were dispatched to Boston Rd near AL Prime for a 3-car crash. A pick-up truck with a horse trailer was unable to stop in time and rear-ended a small sedan, causing the sedan to crash into another sedan that was traveling in the opposite direction. Please use care when driving a truck with a trailer attached. Due to the added weight of the trailer the stopping time needed is increased; please give yourself plenty of room to stop.
     • September 24, 2020
At 5:32 PM, officers were dispatched to a home that was empty and rundown, but was being renovated; the caller stated they heard glass break and were afraid someone was in the house. Upon their arrival, officers located 3 youths, who admitted to breaking a window; the SRO [School Resource Officer] followed up with all parents regarding the incident and the youth wrote apology letters for their behavior.
     • September 25, 2020
At 3:28 PM, dispatch received a call from a resident requesting to speak with an officer about someone stealing their “defund the police” lawn sign. We have received multiple calls about political signs being taken throughout this election cycle. It is considered larceny, even if the sign is handmade, and is a crime. Please stop taking other people’s lawn signs.
     • September 26, 2020
At 1:07 AM, officers were dispatched to Main St to assist Pepperell EMS with a patient that had jumped out of the ambulance. The party had overdosed in Pepperell and had recovered somewhat while enroute to Nashoba Valley Medical Center. Officers placed the party in protective custody until he was admitted to the hospital.
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