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MIAA Heat Modification Policy (From MIAA site)

The MIAA Sports Medicine Committee and Board of Directors adopted the Heat Modification Policy last August in the wake of a sticky summer. A scientifically approved instrument that measures wet bulb globe (WBGT) temperature must be utilized at each activity to ensure the written policy is followed properly.
     The rule limits the amount of time teams in all sports — indoors or out—can practice (and play games).
• Below 76 degrees 
Normal activities. Provide at least three separate rest breaks each hour for a minimum of three minutes during each work out.
• 76.1-81.0°F
Use discretion for intense or prolonged exercise and watch for at risk players carefully. Provide at least 3 separate rest breaks each hour for a minimum duration of four minutes each. 
• 81.1-84.0°F
Maximum activity time is two hours. For equipment intensives sports: Players should be restricted to a helmet, shoulder pads, and shorts during activity; all protective equipment must be removed for conditioning activities. For all sports: Provide at least 4 separate rest breaks each hour for a minimum of four minutes each. 
• 84.1-86.0°F
Maximum of activity is one hour. No protective equipment may be used during activities and there may be no conditioning activities. There must be 20 minutes of rest breaks provided during the hour of activity.
• Above 86.1°F
No workouts. Cancel exercise, and delay activity until a cooler wet-bulb globe temperature reading occurs.
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