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October 2019

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EDITORIAL: What Does Selling NCB IN Groton Say about Us?

Ever since the Boston Tea Party, coffee has been America’s beverage of choice. During Groton’s heyday as a transportation hub, stagecoaches traveling through town transported coffee to all points in northern New England. Coffee was a favorite beverage - along with rum - in the many inns and rooming houses of Groton catering to stagecoach travelers.

EDITORIAL: Effective Town Counsel Protects Government & Townspeople

Town Manager Mark Haddad deserves praise for working closely with Town Counsel Brooks & Derensis to expand the availability of legal advice for town officials and departments heads. Town counsel will now offer regular monthly hours at Town Hall for officials to meet with the town’s attorneys. This change offers the opportunity to receive needed legal direction on a flexible and timely basis, making government more responsive.

Interweaving Education With Conservation At Moors Schoolhouse

This photo of the original Moors School was provided by the Groton Historical Society, and appears in a booklet by published in September 1911 entitled "Moors School at Old District No. 2, The Story of A District School" by Edward Adams Richardson.


Groton Conservation Trust has a legacy of interweaving education with conservation. We are pleased to announce the completion of a project that integrates conservation, education, and Groton history at the site of the former Moors School on Moors Road, just off Farmers Row by the General Field.

Amelia Way Residents "Extremely Upset" Town Won’t Be Plowing

I am responding to the article in last week’s Groton Herald about the postponement of the acceptance of Amelia Way as a town road. Per the Town’s own Road Acceptance Policy, the legal issue of roadway ownership is not supposed to be handled until after Town Meeting (please see attached sections B.2., B.3. and C.6. discussing items to be completed“AfterTownMeeting”).


在2019年12月2日的一周中,基礎 和中學教育部的公立學校監控辦公 室(PSM)將對Groton Dunstable 地區學區進行重點關注的分級審 查。公立學校監督辦公室每三年訪 問每個地區和特許學校,以監督對 聯邦和州特殊教育和民權法規的遵 守情況。與特殊教育相關的審查領 域包括學生評估,資格確定,個性 化教育計劃(IEP)團隊流程以及 IEP的製定和實施。與民權相關的 審查領域包括欺凌,學生紀律,身 體約束以及所有學生平等獲得學校 課程的機會。
委員會(SEPAC)的主席。其他 現場活動可能包括對學區工作人員 和行政人員的採訪,對學生記錄的

Tax Levy Hearing for FY2020

LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF GROTON Tax Classification Hearing
The Select Board has scheduled a public hearing with the Board of Assessors, within a regular Select Board meeting, on Monday, November 18, 2019, at 7:15 p.m. at the Groton Town Hall, 173 Main Street, 2nd Floor Meeting Room. The purpose of this hearing is to receive comments on the issue of adopting a tax levy percentage for Fiscal Year 2020. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.


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