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November 2019

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Ribbon Cutting Inaugurates Bright Future For Kilbourn Place

Assisting seventh-grader Sophie Widmayer in Ribon-cutting ceremonies for Kilbourn Place are [left to right] Korbin Larsen, grade 6, and Kal Larsen, grade 9. [Incidentally, Kal has a hobby running a lighting company named Kal Larsen Lighting that does all the lighting for the Middle School performances.] Photo by Russell Harris


2017 Letter From Affordable Housing Trust To Boynton Meadows Developer RE: Lost $400K of Town Money

Ed Note: This letter is reprinted here to give context to the related story on the front page of this edition.
FROM: TOWN OF GROTON Affordable Housing Trust
TO: Mr. Robert D. France, Manager, Mount Laurel Development, LLC April 6, 2017
Re: Boynton Meadows Project

EDITORIAL: Jaywalkers Disrespect The Cooperation We Crave

On the long list of problems the Town needs to deal with, jaywalking on Main Street is low on the list. When traffic is light, avoiding the minor inconvenience of walking a few extra steps to use our new cross walks is no big deal. But there are a few who feel entitled to cross Main Street randomly as convenience and whim moves them, even walking into heavy traffic.

Possible Increase In Jaywalking Fines

The Massachusetts House gave initial approval to a bill--INCREASE FINES FOR JAYWALKING (H 4181)--that would increase the current fine for jaywalking which is $1 for the first three offenses and $2 for the fourth and subsequent offenses. The bill would increase the fine to $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second one and $100 for the third and subsequent.


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