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July 2021

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Bloody, Salem-Like Witch Trials Might Have Been Held In Groton, But For This Man

The Willard Garrison House, as it is known, also served as the town’s first church and meeting place, until the first meeting house was completed in 1666. Today, the Willard Garrison House is the oldest structure in town and stands at 153 Main Street -- it can be seen from the base of the parking lot behind Prescott School.


Engraved portrait of the Rev. Samuel Willard of Groton, the man whose ideas and writings prevented a case of supposed witchcraft in Groton from spiraling out of control into cruelty and injustice as happened in Salem 20 years later. His standing was later damaged by his opposition to the Salem Witch Trials.



Ad Meliora - Toward Better Things

It is a small but important change the Diversity Task Force recommends. Save for that, the entirety of the Groton town seal remains intact. I have been a member of the Groton Historical Commission for the past ten years (though I speak here only for myself). So, I value the preservation of our history and its accurate record.

Hazy, Gray Sky Here Reminds Us The West Is On Fire

The hazy, gray sky and air quality warnings on the east coast are an urgent reminder that the west is on fire, and more than it naturally should be. As a teenager, it is scary to see this cloud of smoke, knowing that I am already seeing the effects of climate change at home. If carbon pollution continues on the current path, a smoky sky will be

Groton Herald August Vacation

The Groton Herald will be on hiatus for the first two weeks of August for staff vacations.
There will be no paper dated August 6 or August 13.
The next paper following our two weeks off will be August 20 with the usual deadline of Tuesday at noon, August 17.


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