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by Mary J Metzger   “Soils are a tremendous natural legacy and the living skin of our biosphere,” said soil scientist Dr. Ralph S. Baker, at his Zoom Webinar March 22 “Getting to Know the Soils of Massachusetts and Why It Matters,” the second in a climate series hosted by the Nashua River...

-Photo by Steve Lieman

-Photo by Steve Lieman

This photo of 195 Main Street was taken circa 1905. This building, formerly Hodgman & Sargent, is the current home of Bruno’s Pizza and Wink Beauty and Hair Salon. This photo shows Mr. Fred O. Porter (father of  F. Foster Porter; grandfather of Frederick Porter) seated in the wagon. Photo courtesy of Fred Porter with special thanks to Gus Widmayer for photo restoration. [This black and white image was colorized by the Groton Herald]


If it's albino, its eyes will be red or pink. On the other hand, pale-feathered birds with normally colored eyes have a condition known as leucism. Unlike albino birds, which completely lack the natural pigment known as melanin, leucistic birds produce melanin but can't deposit it into their feathers. Some may even have partial leucism, resulting in a “pied” appearance.

-Andrea Alfano Mass Audubon


Groton's Company B in front of Minuteman Common. Many soldiers of the Sixth Regiment were direct descendants of those who had marched to the Revolution on April 19, 1775, and some were even descendants of men who fought at Lexington or Concord. This original black and white photo was colorized by the Groton Herald.


‘We went to bed one night old fashioned, conservative, compromise, Union Whigs & [woke] up stark mad Abolitionists’   by Joshua Vollmar   On the evening of April 13, 1861, there was a large gathering at Liberty Hall on the corner of Main and Court Streets in Groton center. The Hall...

-Photo by Steve Lieman


-Reporting for this story was provided by the Harvard Press, local newspaper in the town of Harvard. We thank them for permission to use the story.        Fruitlands Museum has been named one of the best history museums in the country, according to a ranking compiled by USA Today. The...

When turtles start sunning themselves on a log you know it’s spring. Photo by Nancy Ohringer


Photo by Steve Lieman



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