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...because playing is better on the other side. Photo by Steve Lieman


The Music Center at Indian Hill settles into the northern Massachusetts landscape as construction continues. Photo by Steve Lieman


Photo of Tinker Trail with images promoting GPL Good Reads program.


• Who Oversees the Use and Misuse of Groton’s Woodland Trails? • Should Marketing Messages Be Allowed on These Woodland Trails? • If So, What Town Body Should Regulate Such Signage: The Trails Committee, The Conservation Entities That Own the Land; The Sign Committee or Town Government...

Photo courtesy of Nancy Ohringer

Known as the "Bywater House," the home on the corner of Main St. and Court St., was owned by the Bywater-Powell family for almost 100 years. Local historian Joshua Vollmer believes it was built circa 1800 but it actually has two birthdays because, early in the 19th century, a portion of a...

If someone looks back on our history 100 years in the future, this photo taken on Easter Sunday on Main Street in front of First Parish Church would sum up the zeitgeist of our times. From the trial of Derek Chauvin for Geroge Floyd’s killing to the struggles of trying to exit the pandemic, this image captures it all. Photo by Steve Lieman.


A small sample of a bountiful harvest.


by Sue (Yeager) Black   Since the advent of the Covid pandemic, so many people have taken to raising their own vegetables that seed companies have become totally overwhelmed with filling orders, soaker hoses became scarce, and canning supplies were flying off shelves! The “Victory Garden” era...

Swan on The Nashua by Karen Riggert


The container in the truck holds 256 gallons of maple sap.


Photo by Steve Lieman


George Boutwell (above) met Ulysses Grant (below) when Grant arrived in Washington to be promoted to Lieutenant General by President Abraham Lincoln and was given command of the Union armies. Thus began a 20-year friendship that developed during the tumultuous years of Andrew Johnson’s presidency and impeachment. Boutwell led fight to protect Grant’s reconstruction policies. George Boutwell being one of 12 pallbearers, along with Generals Sherman, Sheridan and others, at the New York City funeral procession and burial of Ulysses Grant on August 8, 1885 witnessed by more than one and a half million Americans.


by Jeffrey H. Boutwell, Ph.D.   One hundred and fifty years ago this month, Groton’s George Boutwell took an historic ride with Ulysses S Grant up Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill and helped initiate the process by which Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others are today the targets of...


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