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The old Bywater place        Photo by Steve Lieman


The Groton Police Department along with the Fire Department had the opportunity to watch a mock Med Flight training run for a new female pilot who executed a flawless landing at the Groton Fire station. The Groton PD is grateful for the Groton FD invitation to witness this training exercise.


Colorized image of the "Ascension House" also called the "House of the Long Roof" where Groton Millerites gathered to await the predicted end of the world heralded by the second coming of Christ. This house, situated near the corner of Farmers Row and Shirley Road, was torn down in 1952 after termite infestation. Many houses of the Millerites were removed in the years following the establishment of Groton School in 1884 near where The Community had been centered.


by Joshua Vollmar   In the 1830s, Groton was a hotbed of reform. Several movements, including temperance and abolition, had swept the town. But the one which would have the greatest impact on Groton had yet to arrive in force: Millerism. Named after William Miller, who began the movement, the...

Icy blue winter. Photo by Steve Lieman


What a sight to drive by Gibbet Hill on Saturday and see the hill filled with so many local families sledding, tubing and tobogganing, enjoying a much-welcomed day outside together on a beautiful winter’s day, thanks to the generosity of those at Gibbet Hill Grill and The Barn at Gibbet Hill.  Said...

Leila Laura is a positive, charismatic person exuding charm and positive energy. This photo is from her website.


by Joyce L. Faiola   Right here in this quiet, serious-minded Yankee town, at 274 Main Street, you will find the offices of Leila Laura, The Love Karma expert. On this Valentines Day week, or at any time of the year, Leila Laura can guide you through the process of “understanding how we are...

Yes, it does. Photo by Steve Lieman


The bill above was from New Jersey, but it shows typical money of the colonial era.


by Joshua Vollmar Shebuel Hobart, Thomas Farrington, Nathan Raymond, and Thomas Sackville Tufton have two things in common: they lived in Groton and were accused of crimes to do with fake money in the period of the Revolution.      During this period, forging money was a common crime. Due to...
by Bob Katzen, Beacon Hill Record      Thousands of bills were defeated in the 2020 session that ended in just a few weeks ago. Here are some of them and how they died. • Donate Food (H 1969) - Defeated by being shipped off to a study committee: Allows restaurants and other food...

"Why did I climb it, they ask" . . . "Because it’s there."  Foot steps in the snow ascending Gibbet Hill after the storm. Photo by Steve Lieman.


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