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28 Million More Guns

Dear Editor:

Walk with me for a moment, and follow a simple trail of logic.


Let's turn back the calendar to 2003. Back then we felt that we were over-run with guns, and over-run with gun violence. No real difference, past and present. Back then the NRA's solution to gun violence was more guns in the hands everyone. More guns would be an effective counterbalance.


Okay, now fast forward back to today, 10 years later, back to March in New England. No one knows the exact number, but the country has added an estimated 28 million more guns into the general population during this time. The 'easy reach' of guns is everywhere, but we haven't solved our gun violence. Clearly, more guns by the millions didn't solve anything, least of all for the residents of Newtown, Connecticut, or the stream of victims in Chicago. The 'easy reach' of more guns actually makes this insanity possible.


Today we are told once again that we need ever more guns to be safe, and the drumbeat continues. Will we be safe with yet another 28 million guns in hand?  Perhaps not until we're all carrying a 9mm in our belt holster, an automatic rifle on our shoulder, along with all the ammunition needed for the Armageddon we seem to be preparing for.


We tried more guns. More guns are not the answer. 

Paul Iannacci

West Groton


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