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LETTER: "It is High Time We Sent A Message"

Dear Editor:

I'm confused.  The headline of the March 4 edition of states, "Selectmen Ignore Will of Town Meeting by Not Continuing Personnel Board."  Please correct me if I am wrong, but does anyone need to read the remainder of the article?  Isn't the headline enough to make thinking citizens stop and wonder? Or does one need to read further to find out that the adoption of The Charter gives unreasonable latitude to Selectmen to do as they please, with barely a look back at the trust they squander and at the laws they possibly break.  Isn't the will of the town's citizens expressed through Town Meeting votes? Do not Selectmen work for the town? As I said, I'm confused.  The individuals who represent us in Town Government ignore what we collectively tell them to do, and we allow them to do this?  Why is this?

We elected five people to lead us. Their inability to lead is evident on so many fronts, their propensity for dysfunction palpable.  To many eyes it looks like only one or two are doing any real thinking, and as a result the town remains in the nineteenth century.  Does anyone have a vision beyond Overlay Districts and Station Avenue Malls?  One thing about which I am not confused is that it is high time we cleaned house, it is high time we got more new blood in the office, and it is high time we sent a message to our "leaders" clarifying just who works for whom.

David L. Melpignano

Townsend Road

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