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VOTE April 30 But Not for Halleran (Who Has Withdrawn)

To the Editor:

There are occasions, very rare occasions at that, when a combination of personal acquaintance and experience, and unusual circumstance, permits one a unique opportunity to endorse two public servants with one (written) breath.

As most know by now, Messers Stuart Schulman and Josh Degen, are running to retain their respective seats on Groton's Board of Selectmen. And, as widely reported, Mr. Justin Halleran's name (a young dark horse and their only opposition), will also appear on Groton's Election Day Ballot, even though Mr. Halleran has withdrawn from Groton's Selectman's race for personal reasons.

Now, to be sure, there'll be those of you who will still vote for Mr. Halleran, despite his withdrawal. Perhaps you'll vote out of genuine respect, or out of some personal angst with one of his opponents, or both, or in hopes of triggering a Special Town Election should your votes win Mr. Halleran a seat and he chooses not to take his "Oath of Office". You have a right to do so, of course, and this observer respects that. But consider for a moment, your votes, if successful in causing the latter, will prove costly.

Per Groton's Town Clerk, under the best of circumstances, running a Special Town Election, if in combination with a state election, one can figure on a cost of between $4000 and $4500 (the state subsidies the town for the state's portion). Whereas, in a "Stand alone" Special Town Election (local, only, no state provided subsidies), the cost to Groton jumps to between $5000 and $6000. In both instances, the monies would have to come out of Groton's Reserve Funds.

Truth be told, setting those financial thoughts aside, when one comes right down to it, given the winds of apathy seemingly swirling around this town for the moment, Groton is fortunate to have willing residents like Stuart Schulman and Josh Degen.

In Josh and Stuart we have two good men, who, if not perfect in every detail (and, who of us is?), are each solidly grounded by their individual past experiences in public affairs, each respected in many circles for their private contributions to Groton's community, and each asking only for what is their protected, individual right: to be judged by all - justly and fairly, against their peers, via the ballot box. And, in this observer's quiet opinion, if only out of respect for their past, and on-going, public service to Groton, each has earned, thus is deserving of, nothing less.

Here's hoping you'll think about it - and take just a few minutes out of your day to vote on April 30. (And, trust me. It's really painless).

Scott Evans Harker

Martins Pond Road

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