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Groton Hit Hard by Tornado-Like Storm

This photo was taken about 8:15 Friday evening from Westford, just over the town line south of Route 40, looking northwest into Groton. The fast-moving storm front spread along Townsend Road north of West Groton, stretching to Rte 119 near NWRA headquarters by the Nashua River, and then to Chicopee Row just north of the cemetery, onto Martinis Pond and Old Dunstable Roads through to Hoyts Wharf, Cow Pond, and then to the north end of Long Sought-For Pond, wrecking havoc and mayhem for 10 miles through the heart of our town. Many have asked, Was it a microburst, or a twister? Could it be both? The photographer said this image was taken in “pitch-black conditions using ‘lightning as llumination.’”


Damage on Cow Pond Brook Road took down wires and left the area without power. Photo by Nancy Ohringer.


A branch fell on the car during last Friday's storm. The driver was okay but the passenger was rumored to be seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. No details were available at press time. Photo courtesy of Groton Police Dept.


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