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A one-year subscription to the Groton Herald is $55. The subscription price includes a copy of the print paper and access to the online version of the Herald.* [If you do not wish to receive the print edition, please notify us at]

* The online version of the Groton Herald is intended for individual subscribers. We ask that you do not share your online access credentials. Since our online offering is intended for the convenience of individuals, such access is not available to institutions such as libraries and government offices or to be shared among groups of people. Since such sharing would discourage the purchase of subscriptions, the Groton Herald would be deprived of the very revenue needed to report the news. Thank you.

Print Subscribers Who Paid Offline And Want Access to the Website

Print subscribers who paid offline are entitled to access to the Herald website at no additional charge. Please send email to requesting website access. We will email login credentials.

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